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Some Things You Can Know About Me… January 6, 2010

  • I am proud to be a holistic health coach! I work primarily with people who ¬†suffer from digestive distress by helping them discover its root cause and addressing unique dietary and lifestyle changes. I work with clients to bring equilibrium and fulfillment back into all aspects of life!
  • I have a little puffball of a 7-pound kitty, Millie. She may find her way into the blog from time to time!
  • I am from the Midwest, have lived in the South and currently live (happily) in Los Angeles, CA.
  • I have a few (okay, a lot) of favorite activities/past times, including sourcing my food locally, “veganifying” recipes, living gluten-free, coffee/tea, music, cooking, making jewelry, poetry, my time at the gym, yoga nidra, list making, time budgeting, and arts education.
  • I am not entirely sure if it is my parents’ fault or my own that I tend to extend myself in every direction possible…in order to avoid missing anything…I am a person that is constantly engaged…unless I am concentrating on disengagement.
2013-06-22 15.32.35

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