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October 24, 2011 October 24, 2011

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Three Things That Bring Me Happiness:

1.) A clean, uncluttered home.

Hello. My name is Kristin, and I am a clean-freak. When it comes to my living space, I must have order and things must be tidy. I believe I have been this way for most of my life. When given even the most basic of chores as a kid, I would go the extra mile to make sure things were cleaned thoroughly…properly. Furniture needs dusting? I would not merely wipe down a surface or table-top; I would dust every crevasse. Wherever there was wood, there would be a liberal dousing of Pledge. Wherever I saw even the faintest hint of a cobweb, I would figure out a way to eliminate it.

Many of my early jobs included deep-cleaning tasks that I would volunteer to do. Milk drain at Starbucks needed deep cleaning (after not having been cleaned for months by anyone else)? Done. Grout needs scouring? I’m there. Walk-in fridge needs de-scumming? I’ll do it. There has always been an immense amount of satisfaction earned in not just completing a task, but in doing it well.

This Saturday Markus and I spent hours deep-cleaning our home. Furniture was moved. All of the vacuum attachments were utilized. The cat was brushed with the Furminator. Books were taken off shelves so the shelves could be dusted in their entirety.

By 5 o’clock, the house smelled deliciously clean. Every corner, every electric cord, every window sill…everything had been pwned by our cleaning prowess.

PWNED Living Room

PWNED kitchen

2.) A sweet kiss in the kitchen.

Cooking is so much nicer when you can take mini-breaks to grab a smooch from your honey. 🙂


You can never be too busy to snag a smooch from a loved one!

3.) Watching my cat stalk and pounce on leaves that have just fallen out of a tree.

This is my kitty, Millie:


Originally intended to be an inside-only cat, I cannot help but take her outside into our beautiful (secure) courtyard from time to time. I bought her a cute collar with a little bell and invested in some pet-friendly (so I’m told) flea/tick drops a couple of months ago. I try to let her outside on the weekends for an hour or so.

This past weekend, she settled into her favorite spot under the Trailing Indigo Bush in in our front yard plot. (This bush is ALWAYS ripe with bees, which she loves to play with – WHICH makes me very nervous!) Digging her little white socks into the sand, she waited for…something…ANYTHING…to happen.

Between her playtime with the bees and her pouncing on the occasional Ficus leaf that would fall to the ground, I believe I giggled like a schoolgirl at least a thousand times. I may have even clapped with elation once.


2 Responses to “October 24, 2011”

  1. Brooke Says:

    Number 1, I could almost smell the freshness you spoke of and I am the same! Hence moving out of a certain individuals home! Hint: you lived there too. Shortly.

    • Amatistrad Says:

      Ah…I remember that…*shudder*
      I didn’t really live there so much as used the tiny space in the back as a storage facility. 😉

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