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October 25, 2011 October 25, 2011

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Three Things That Bring Me Happiness:

After reading a few headlines about the Occupy movement today, I felt I needed this blog more than ever. Think happy thoughts…   🙂

1.) Ben Williams and Sound Effect’s Tiny Desk Concert brought to you by NPR.

There is the kind of jazz I am not too fond of (Brad Mehldau – except for his interpretations of Radiohead tunes), and the kind of jazz that slips me into this warm blanket of bliss…it takes me away from analyzing lyrics or memorizing a melody…it allows me to follow its musical train of sound with relative ease. This ensemble definitely takes me there. All the way. And being able to see their faces while they play adds to the experience. Joy. You just see pure joy present.

2.) Lower Calf Creek Falls

Nestled past three miles of trail…over sand dunes, rocky slopes and low forest canopy – past Anasazi petroglyphs and grain shelters carved into cliff faces –  towers Calf Creek Falls: an oasis of pure gorgeousness in Grand Staircase/Escalante National Park, Utah.

Take the more popular lower falls trail (a little over 6 miles round trip) and you will eventually find yourself staring up at a 126-ft high (approximately) cascading waterfall. Bright green moss and algae cover the rock face behind and to its sides. Tiny orchid-like flowers sprout from these verdant walls, in hues of pink and purple. This place is truly a desert oasis.

After finally reaching the Lower Falls!

The water is ice-cold. So even after a sun-drenched, two-hour hike (we made sure to stop at the post markers for the opportunity to explore the historically and geologically rich area), you can only really wade around – perhaps knee-deep – for a few seconds before your teeth begin to chatter!

This is a perfect place to pull out a book and read under the trees…or sit and meditate while listening to the roar of the water as it hits the crystal-clear pool below.

What a great choice to have. 🙂

3.) Being in the presence of all four of my nieces/nephews at one time…for the first time.

Present were my 5-week old niece, Molly…my 8 1/2 month-old nephew, Ian…my almost 3 year-old niece, Jilly…and my 3 1/2 year-old nephew, Max.

Save Molly’s non-participation…as she is a wee newborn…it was really great watching the relationships between the three other kids establish/grow. Ian was desperate to play with/be in the presence of his sister and cousin…whereas Jilly and Max wished for the little guy to just go away. Understandable – babies aren’t quite yet skilled at the art of making forts and playing “chase” for hours on end. Someday, Ian. Someday…

I have to say, however, that being able to rapid-fire hug all four of them in one night was close to magical…seeing them look up at me with recognition as “silly Aunt Kiki” is perhaps one of my best experiences, to date.


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